About Our Tenugui Fabrics

Tenugui are lengths of woven and printed cotton fabric. They are printed with either contemprary or traditional images or sometimes both.
The traditional "chusen" way to print tenugui, first used in the 1800's, is still used today. A skilled craftsman hand dyes the tenugui using stencils and resist pastes to obtain the design.

You always find tenugui in a Japanese house. They are used as decoration, placemats, kitchen cloths, covers, wrappings and all sorts of things . They also make a great bandana and you often see them sitting on the heads of noodle chefs, aikido players and the young guys/gals about town. Should you see a Japanese woman going about her beauty regime at home it's possible that you'll see the tenugui being used as a hairband.

  Photo: Several tenugui showing traditional Japanese designs.

Wear It or Frame It!

If you prefer your tenugui to be on your wall rather than on your head we offer a framing service. Please ask us about this.

We have some framed and unframed tenugui in our Online Tenugui Shop and you can also browse tenugui images in our Tenugui Gallery. We have tenugui dyed by the chusen method as well as by more modern printing methods.